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Juggling skills using clubs, balls, diabolo, poi, hula hoops, diabolo, and more


Various skills that can be part of juggling performances

Juggling acts perform a wide variety of skills. Some acts perform single skills in their shows or walkabout performances - such as the ping pong juggler shown or a roving club juggler.

Many juggling acts, however, perform a number of juggling skills which can include traditional juggling skills with balls, clubs and rings, contact juggling, diabolo, devil sticks, cigar boxes, hula hoops, poi, staffs, hats and other props. Some juggling acts also perform the highly visual and spectacular fire or glow LED light skills.

Most juggling acts are multi-skilled and they will perform a number of these skills in their shows, roving or ambient performances

Many acts can also offer themed juggling performances to enhance your event

You can see more information about these skills below. You can also contact us as we are happy to advise which skills and performances would be best for your event.


Ball Juggler


Ball jugging is often done as part of a performance including other skills. There are however amazing ping pong ball jugglers (see the video page). Ball juggling can also be performed bouncing the balls of the ground adding an extra dimension to this great skill

Club Juggler


Club juggling is one of the most popular forms of juggling performance. Clubs can be juggled solo, as a duo, or as a multi performer show. Club juggling skills also lend themselves to performing with props such as knives, fire torches and even chainsaws!

Ring Juggler


Ring juggling is mainly a stage performance skill. Ring juggling is usually part of a highly skilled performance involving a variety of other juggling skills

Nation Themed Juggler - USA


We have lots of great stilt walkers who can also juggle. Juggling on stilts adds an extra entertainment option in walkabout entertainment. Stilt walking juggling is highly visual and the acts can be themed.

Cigar Box Jugglers


Cigar boxes are an unusual juggling prop which are a great part of any juggling show. Most often performed as part of a stage or other indoor show cigar boxes have their own unique rhythm and sound

Contact Jugglers


Currently one of the most popular forms of juggling for roving evening entertainment. Contact juggling is the manipulation of a single (or less often multiple) unbreakable crystal balls. A mesmerising form of juggling that is suitable for a range of events

Diabolo Jugglers


Diabolo performance is a very popular form of juggling. It is often performed as part of a longer show outdoors. It is also performed as an amazing single skill show for stage and cabaret shows

Hat Jugglers


Hat juggling has a long tradition going back to the music hall. An ordinary prop is thrown and caught in a miriade of ways. Usually performed as part of a longer show with other props or as an amazing skill in walkabout performance.

Hula Hooper


Hula hoop acts are amazing acts that combine high skills and great choreography. Hula hoop acts perform shows, ambient performances and hula hooping can be included in a circus skills workshop

Plate Spinning Performer


Plate spinners are a great and unusual act for stage performances or as part of a broader juggling show. Plate spinning can be included in circus skills workshops

Unicycling Juggler


Juggling can be performed on a unicycle either as a roving performance or as part of a high skill show. The unicycle skills can be performed on either a normal size unicycle or a tall 'giraffe' unicycle

Knife Juggler


Knife juggling can be part of an amazing finale for a show or as part of a themed act. Knife juggling also includes juggling axes, sickles or other 'dangerous' objects

Chainsaw Juggler


Chainsaw juggling is one of the most spectacular juggling skills. It is performed as a finale for a juggling show or as a specific stunt. 

Rolla Bolla Juggler


Juggling on a rola bola is an amazing skill which part of a show. Clubs, knives or even fire torches can be juggled while balancing on the rola bola.

Fire Juggler


Fire juggling is a spectacular form of juggling that combines great skill and the element of danger. Fire performers often combine other fire skills in any performance such as fire poi, fire breathing or fire eating

Glow Juggler


Glow LED juggling acts perform an amazing light show with their hi-tech props. The glow props create visual light trails in low light and some can be programmed to create patterns, words or even company logos


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    We supply acts to all the major towns and cities and everywhere in between! We have supplied acts to: London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Manchester, Leicester, Nottingham, Plymouth, Southampton, Reading, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northampton, Preston, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Bournemouth, Swindon, Oxford, Ipswich, York, Brighton, Gloucester, Cambridge, Exeter, Crawley, Worcester, Canterbury, Carlisle, Durham, Cardiff, Swansea, Bangor, Llandudno, Wrexham,
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    Please note that specific types of acts and acts with specific costumes or themes may not be located in your region.
    Acts are willing to travel but their expense will be in addition to any fee they charge


    We supply acts to events across the UK. Please note however that specific types of acts or in specific costumes or themes may not be available locally or even regionally. Acts are willing to travel but their expenses will be in addition to any fee.
    Our national database of assessed performers does mean we can offer a truely national service, whatever type of act you want to book


    We also supply acts internationally whether that be to nearby country neighbours such as Ireland, Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark or other countries further afield such as UAE, Bahrain, Singapore, Kuwait, Lebanon, Greece, & Hong Kong (all countries we have supplied acts to in the past)